14 Dec 2017

14th Decembrrr 2017: "He never inhaled 2." [UCI Director's Cut.]


Thursday 14th 34F, +1C. Very, very dark at 8.15am.

Somebody called Froome has joined that other benighted, TDF cycling bloke and bingo caller with a positive drugs test. News only now being released to the media long after the event. Did I miss the stream of obscenities from this one? Is Sky's "Innocente" Froome far too big a payday for the UCI to publicly suspend, pending formal enquiries?

Seasons Greetings! 
Well it was red once upon a time!

Can professional cycling survive this latest denial of reality? Does anybody care any more except for the clinically insane who dance naked on mountain tops? As a lifelong, cycling obsessive I don't even bother to watch the Sky Tours pro-cessions any more. 

The Danish Red Cross is paying local councils to rid themselves of unsalable stock at recycling yards. I hope the Kommunes appreciate their charitable support! I wonder if the "donations" are taxable as well?