19 Mar 2018

19th March 2018 You want extra winter with that?


Monday 19th 19-38F, -7+3C, calm and sunny. A hard white frost with almost no clouds at all. It will warm up to positive figures with light winds later, but becoming more cloudy.

I took my Ecco Torquemada GTXs up to and around the woods today. Being careful to wear odd pairs of socks to ensure a place in the Guinness Book of Records, I kept a constant  eye out for the official observer. No observer? No record. Not even if 6 billion "ordinary" people see you do it with their own eyes. That's the thing about commercial monopolies. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Just ask our previous, tyrannical sweep, council worker jobsworths, Gates or Zuckerberg.

The boots were fine on steep ascents but painful everywhere else. So it's back to the thumbscrews, I'm afraid. Yet again I was much too warm from putting on too many layers. Fine when I left, but it had warmed up to 0C but the time I returned. Saw several birds of prey and a small flock of Plovers. Which were flying determinedly, but silently eastwards. The skylarks are beginning to get into their musical stride but still few in numbers. First signs, or rather stinks, of pig shit spreading on the air.

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